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Explore Botswana, Africa's premier safari destination, with Dewan Adventure Travel. Led by the adventurous spirit of William Burns, our journeys unveil the magic of Botswana's pristine ecosystems and abundant wildlife. Discover the untamed beauty and captivating stories created right in front of your eyes. We work with you to create your own path of exploration and discovery in one of earth's most breathtaking destinations. Join us for adventure in Africa's Eden. 

Dinaka Lions - Northern Kalahari, Botswana
We encourage you to be part of the discovery!

We are showcase the best of Botswana and her neighbors. The Okavango Delta, and Chobe National Park, and Victoria Falls are a core part of our custom itineraries we create for you. Our safaris allow you to see and spend quality time with Africa's most iconic wildlife species at the comfort level you prefer.  Africa's Eden waits for you to begin exploring whats matches your style of of safari.

We have a profound passion for the wild that is supported by sustainable tourism that adds to the protection and preservation of flora and fauna supports the culture of the communities in these wildlife areas.

-William Burns

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Featured Wine and Safari Adventure this June 2024!

DeWan Wine and Safari Adventure this June 2024 may be what you have been waiting for. Sommeliers, wine clubs are encouraged to inquire!

Embark on a wine lover's dream journey with Dewan Adventure Travel! Join our exclusive wine club expedition, guided by sommeliers who will lead you through the enchanting winelands of South Africa, beginning in Cape Town. Discover the rich flavors of the region's finest wines while indulging in luxury accommodations. But that's not all! Our adventure takes you beyond borders to Botswana's highest-rated camps, where you'll savor exceptional wine pairings and thrilling safari experiences. Finally, let the thunderous beauty of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe leave you in awe. Don't miss out on this extraordinary odyssey of wine, wildlife, and wonder!

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